Thursday, April 8, 2010

ClickBank Affiliate Master - A Complete ClickBank Affiliate Master Review

Are you frustrated with only being able to sell via one Clickbank page? Click here to find out how to solve that

With ClickBank Affiliate Master, the problem of split testing is solved in an instant. ClickBank Affiliate Master will generate some special code for you to give to your affiliate.

So if you want that special price for a special affiliate marketer, now you can. ClickBank Affiliate Master allows you to add a few lines of text and your affiliates ClickBank ID and click a button and you have all the code you need to give your special affiliate marketer.

Of course they would love it. All the work is done for them. All they have to do is send their customers to this page, they click and buy, and your affiliate gets his or her own special price for that same item others are paying more money for.

We personally have tried this out and already have our own affiliates saying, "Yes", to getting all the work done for them.

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John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson created the ultimate Clickbank product called ClickBank Affiliate Master. Any good marketer does split testing and every other kind of testing on his (or her) products, thus this program was created to help create 'discount' versions of any sales page (and product). After the release of this product, and while putting it to good use they both saw an extra $100,000 in their pockets after the first 6 months!.

If you ever sold anything on ClickBank you'll know it's rather annoying that you can't have more than one sales page, this effectively means your affiliates can only promote one product or service. Right now it's not very efficient to create special discount pages for your affiliates to use since ClickBank puts so many restrictions on you.

ClickBank Affiliate Master solves this problem, all you need to do is upload the software to your webspace and then add a few lines of text and your affiliates ClickBank ID. You can use the ClickBank Affiliate Master program to quickly generate special codes to give to your affiliates so that they can quickly use your automatically generated discounted pages with ease!.

With just a few clicks your affiliates can have their own unique affiliate discount sales page created for them. It's all automatic and can be tailored to their specific needs and requirements.. Imagine what this could do for your sales? I've used ClickBank Affiliate Master to give me such an increase in sales it's just amazing. Now not only did I have one product, but I have several versions at several levels giving me incomes at so many price points..

Not only do John and Dave supply the software but they also give you a plethora of videos to teach you how to get the most out of their software including a ton of marketing tips. Simply said, if you are selling via ClickBank then you need what ClickBank Affiliate Master program offers you.

You're able to create extremely customized pages with a few simple clicks of you mouse. No hard work involved at all. Creating a discount page is easy, though you will still have to create the content yourself. Though it will take care of putting IN the content for you..

Though ClickBank Affiliate Master will greatly speed up your testing process and allow you to profit more, it's not a end-all solution.

One flaw of the product is that it doesn't actually help you pick a good price point. To put it another way, this is really an automation software. It'll have you lots and lots of time but you still have to do some work.

So is it worth it? Heck yeah. It takes what usually will take you a whole day, and completes with for you within a matter of minutes.

Amazingly there is no other product like this on the market. So be the first to get on the split testing and profit greatly!

Learn About The Best Split Testing Software For ClickBank ever created: ClickBank Affiliate Master!

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